A Mouse In The House

A Mouse In the House


Baseboard Mice

Wee friends to keep you company.

Be the first of your friends to adopt A Mouse in the House. These adorable mice have been lovingly hand painted by award winning artist Susan Garriques.

The mouse holes are made of birch wood, approximately 3 inches tall and just 1/8 of an inch thick. They come with a piece of removable tape to attach them to a baseboard - or to a wall if you find that is where your mouse would prefer to live.

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Reasons You Should Adopt a Mouse


Baseboard mice make wonderful, easy-to-care-for pets.

They won't make a mess and you won't have to worry about feeding them - they are quite self-sufficient. Although, if you leave a bit of cheese out, you might find it gone in the morning.

Mice tend to be rather quiet, but if you listen carefully, you might hear a bit of a song. Depending on where your mouse comes from, it might be the blues, or perhaps some jazz?


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Baseboard Mice

A Mouse in the House

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